Project 01

For this assignment, do some preliminary research to identify one of the domestic commercial-service airports you find interesting or want to know more about.  Using the information you gained in Modules 1 and 2 write a one or two page paper introducing your airport. This first of numerous papers should serve as an introduction to your final paper. Discuss such items as the location, NPIAS classification, surrounding community, its relationship to the collocated reliever and general aviation facilities, as well as any other information you deem important, including information from the FAA Master Record and Airport Data Sheets.

Obtain Documents:  For the airport you selected in Activity 1.4, locate and obtain its Master Record (FAA Form 5010-1) and Airport Datasheet.

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Project 01
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Go to the AirportIQ 5010 (Links to an external site.) website and do the following:

  • Enter the required information,
  • Click the PDF Icon 5010 Record icon in the upper righthand corner,
  • Print and review the form and note the information it provides.

Go to the FAA’s AVN Datasheet System (Links to an external site.) website and do the following:          Note: You will need to allow pop-up windows on this website.

  • Read and accept the disclaimer.
  • Enter the airport’s four letter ICAO identifier in the Value block. Note, the 4-letter identifier is the 3-letter identifier you located earlier plus the letter “K” at the beginning.  For instance, the 3-letter identifier for San Francisco International Airport is SFO, thus the 4-letter identifier is KSFO.
  • Under Airport Report in the blue horizontal bar, select “ detail.” 
  • Print and review these forms and note the information it provides.

Put your name, date, and “Module 2 Research Paper” in the header. Keep in mind that the final paper submitted in Module 9 must adhere to APA format, including the use

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