Progression in Knowledge.

Currently, I am a student with a double major in international relations with a concentration in Europe and French.

My perspective in life gradually changed and significantly broadened as I matured in age. My aspiration in life was not confined anymore to merely attain personal success in life but I came to the realization as I understand my role in society as part of the next generation.

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Progression in Knowledge.
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But as to be expected in life, there are many hindrances along the way. As an international student, the fluctuating currency rates contribute to the difficulty in supporting my education. We are not a wealthy family and tuition fees are arduous on my parents. With no other source of paying for a summer study abroad, it is indeed very difficult. But even though financial matters pose a hindrance to my goals, I am determined to make the extra effort as this step forms a major component of my course.

This is the very reason why I appeal to the generosity of this institution to grant me a scholarship. I trust that a university such as this will esteem and recognize efforts coming from promising pupils. I am aware that there are many applicants requesting for this opportunity. Despite this, I am settled to take my chance as this will pave a way for me as an international student.

I am aware that being a student in this institution carries with it a great responsibility and requires utmost devotion and determination. It is my aspiration to gain knowledge and expertise in this university to better myself, to be able to provide for my family in the future and be an asset to the community. I view this as another challenge to improve my personality.

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