Progress of Social Media in the UK.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Progress of Social Media in the UK. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The third regression analysis results indicate tweets, which is technically an advertisement strategy predicts VOD booking, F=128.790, p &lt. .001 as illustrated in Table 3. This is explained by the fact that Social Media Analytics asserts the intersections of social network including twitter and business at large. Moreover, it has focused more on dynamic capabilities, awareness motivation, organizational benefits, and information technology resources (Yeates, 2002).

Table 4 shows regression analysis results comparing three items including three factors, four factors, and a number of tweets. The four senses (feel, think, sense, act) together predict customer satisfaction, F=80.389. Four factors (Price, genre, tweets, frequency of tweets,) together predict VOD booking, F=105.635. A number of tweets predict VOD booking, F=128.790.

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Progress of Social Media in the UK.
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The F values of the regression analysis indicate that number of tweets had a higher positive correlation as compared to four factors to VOD bookings. There was a significant affirmation that the number of tweets influenced the number of bookings of the video on demand. According to Kaplan & Haenlein (2010), social media has contributed largely toward customer’s perceptions and attitudes on products and services. Social media has provided organizations with a variety of opportunities. In terms of marketing, social media has been at the forefront of cutting marketing costs, and this leads to a higher profit margin. The results are further asserted by the fact that Tweeter is seen to be in the front position in transmitting information on the world happening. The retweeting function is the main strength that makes tweeter stand out among all the social media platforms (Compeau & Higg

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