Profile Questions for Stanford University

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Profile Questions for Stanford University. It needs to be at least 1500 words. I am interested to get daily updates related to what’s happening in the world, what my friends and companions are doing and what new music videos are available on the internet due to which, the access the resources mentioned above.

Since the world has turned into a global community during these past decades, the issues of peaceful co-existence, race, and religious understanding are vital challenges to the global society. However, the most challenging issue among these according to my perception is peaceful co-existence. Today, all of us require a world that is nonviolent for its residents. We have progressed to a higher degree and are moving towards further advancements and developments but we should not negate the aspect of universal peace as we are able to sustain in this world only if we live serenely.

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Profile Questions for Stanford University
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In the year before last, I went to UCLA People to People Leaders camp followed by three weeks summer camp in Lugano, Switzerland than off to one week vacation with my parents in Prague. Last year, I spend three weeks in attending Harvard summer Mid IB courses, followed by 12 days Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington and New York and then to school as it was an early start.

The events that were interesting for me last year were The Aston-Villa Man United match, The Wimbledon Tournament, and Concert of Fairuz Concert. I watched The Aston-Villa Man United match live. 2 minutes of extra time changed the fate of the teams, from losing to winning, and from a guaranteed victory to lose.

I wish to have witnessed the first astronauts traveling to the moon entering the unknown and discovering the unbelievable. For me, the greatest achievement of humankind is to enter the space. To us, the moon looks beautiful and inspiring but the feelings of the Neil Armstrong would be matchless when he touched the surface of the moon.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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