Professional School Counseling.

Lambie, G. W. (2005). Child abuse and neglect: a practical guide for professional school Counselors. Professional School Counseling, 8 (3), 249-258.

The second article is about the ways school counsellors can help victims of child abuse and neglect. Dr Glenn Lambie provides the definitions of abuse and neglect from the American School Counselor Association and gives statistics on deaths and incidents of child abuse and neglect. (2005) Symptoms to look out for, the pertinent statutes in North Carolina, the guidelines for reporting cases of suspected abuse and possible interventions to prevent such issues are also included. This article is interesting for people who would like to be professional counsellors because they may have to help victims in the future since child abuse and neglect is a big part of American society. This article is scholarly because of the peer-review process.

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McDermott, R. C. & Lopez, F. G. (2013). College men’s intimate partner violence attitudes: Contributions of adult attachment and gender role stress. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 60 (1), 127-136.

The third article is about a study conducted to determine if adult attachment and gender- role stress contributes to intimate partner violence in men. Authors McDermott and Lopez invited 497 heterosexual men in college to participate in an anonymous web survey (2013). Results revealed that gender role stress had a significant influence on intimate partner violence. This article is significant to professional counsellors because they can usually have patients who are victims of violence. This article is scholarly because it has gone through the peer-review process.&nbsp.

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