Process Of Losing Weight And Its Importance For Human Health.

Process Of Losing Weight And Its Importance For Human Health.

Process Of Losing Weight And Its Importance For Human Health. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. [Supervisors Do You Watch Your Weight Do You Diet Why What Influence You To Do So How Do You Feel Before, During And After What Specific Though Before, During, After What Responses Do You Get From Others In Regard To The Diet

I have the most adorable cousin named Zahra whom I love with all my heart and soul, as she is the only daughter of my maternal aunt. One day I was very surprise when she told me that she was fat. She was four years younger to me at that time. It constantly rung in my ears that she called herself fat while I was much healthier then her. I could easily say that I am obese but not her.

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Process Of Losing Weight And Its Importance For Human Health.
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Since that day it made me conscious to check my weight repeatedly. I started looking up magazines, books, advertisements, Internet to loose weight. That was the time I realized first time in my life that why every women on earth wants to be slim and smart. I came to the conclusion that its every women desire to have a perfect body with a perfect weight and these days it just not only applies to women but men have become equally conscious about there weight and diet.

Process Of Losing Weight And Its Importance For Human Health.
A mans feet on some scales

That time was the turning point in my life, I realized to diet with proper walking and exercise on regular basis. Along with my job, though it was tough as I use to do double jobs, the other as a part time job. Still I managed to have strict diet control on myself, as I have always loved to eat and eating good food, which includes hoteling, was the best way I can spend money. Not only I cooked food for myself or went out for eating in hotels but also I always use to take one or two friends along with me.

This always made me feel that I am not the only one committing this crime of eating a lot but others are also there like me who are fond of food. My plan of reducing weight included a good breakfast with one egg with bran bread and a glass of skimmed milk.

Process Of Losing Weight And Its Importance For Human Health.
Losing Weight

In lunch I had a bowl of green leafy vegetables along with apple and carrot and in evening I use to have one cup steamed chicken or fish without any fat and a slice of bran bread. In morning I use to go for walking for one hour and in the late evening after coming back from my work I use to have a light exercise.

Suddenly I use to feel a change in myself, just in one week, that I have started feeling light and my intestines are absorbing less food then before and I am not feeling hungry a lot. Though I was a bit irritated with this routine of food and become aggressive at times but then gradually this became my habit and I loved the food, which I was eating. After one month or so, my colleagues at work, my pet cousin, my friends and my neighbors relentlessly feeling weight loss in me.

My clothes become loose to me. So I thought of purchasing few nice dresses that I have always dreamed off. One day at work I wore a nice fitted dress and the while staff was astonished to see me. To most of them it was unbelievable.

That was a lovely day as I went on date with my colleague whom I have always admired a lot. I was feeling out of this world, excited and most loving. After achieving so much in my life, I never wanted to have that life again and so I tried my best to maintain my body.

I accomplished this task though I still use to go for good food in hotels, ate everything but in little quantity. Time went by quickly and my complexion and body cuts became more obvious and later after two years my colleague and I got married. This was the most wonderful gift I have ever acquired in my life. This was a golden gift of my life and I just got blessed with it because I reduced my weight.

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What Would You Do If You Were Suddenly The Winner Of A Large Lottery Jackpot

Describe The Action You Would Take Once You Realized You Had Won And Some Of The Psychological Steps You Would Probably Go Through. Do Not Limit Yourself To Immediate Reactions. Take The Process Out Several Months Or Years.

First of all I might faint at once as soon as I come to know about this surprising news. Good news spreads fast, I believe that first of all I would try to tell the fewest people possible, though I would be very happy but still I would prefer that least people should come to know about the lottery, and the one who would come to know will call to congratulate and I will become popular, going through “I am famous” process for some period of time.

The way I will react to this situation is as follows. I would get started by paying of all the loans and debts that I may be having incurred in my past life, to the respective people as soon as possible.

Then I would spend as much as I can on my personal growth by learning sensible ideas to generate essential changes in my life, both big and small, so I can get my life on path and begin existing up to my potential as in constructing a career I am truly zealous about.

It might be having further education in any particular field of my choice for example take fashion designing, that I may have not been able to achieve due to financial constraints and the others things would be improving my standard of living by changing my residence and moving to a much better and high-class neighborhood and buying a big house that I once really have dreamed of with luxurious furniture and tapestries etc.

By increasing the standard of living I also mean changing my car by replacing it by a new and classy car ,having a surgery if I need one, etc. Beside this I will plan for a world tour, will go to different countries and have as much fun as I can because money is all that u need for such an entertainment.

Secondly I would spend for my financial growth, which is all about making the right move at the right time, that is I would try to invest the money I have won, in such projects and schemes that promise me higher returns or maximum profit, it may be any business that I am interested in or something else of such kind.

I might go and visit a professional person who has know how about making perfect investments and that may help me in creating such an investment portfolio that could bring me the most satisfactory results regarding my money. Now by investing I don’t mean I would just be investing the whole amount in a particular project or business in fact I would be creating a proper portfolio, which may include shares, bonds, property and other securities as well.

Regarding this notion of investing appropriately there a lot of ways of investing properly as there are investors. Many beginner investors make the blunder of trying to do it all themselves. An improved, more proficient and potentially lesser risk technique engages using the pro. Shared funds give specialist supervision and diversification for a lesser amount of than it costs to do it by yourself.

Process Of Losing Weight And Its Importance For Human Health.
Process Of Losing Weight And Its Importance For Human Health.

Decide what proportion of your wealth to invest in stocks, bonds or money marketplace accounts. As a preliminary point, subtract your age from 100 and invest that percentage in equities. As this view is basic, at slightest it will catch you started on the path to financial well-being.

Lastly, I would like to give some part of the winning money in donations, charities and other aid organizations. In a way I would definitely like to help the deprived and the needy people. This includes the orphanages, hospitals, handicaps, senior citizens etc.

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