Process analysis for writing argumentative paper

A Process Analysis for Writing Argumentative Paper For many years, rhetoricians have advocated for the writing of argumentative essays as a form of learning how to think. Argumentative analysis teaches thinking and critical reading skills. The argument analysis serves as a balance and check in professional applications that may help an organization’s leadership in the making of appropriate decisions. The writing of an argumentative paper is a challenging process. This paper looks at the process that one follows when writing an argumentative paper.

The process of writing an argumentative paper is divided into several steps as follows. Introduction, Main body, Conclusion, References. The introduction is always the first step of writing an argumentative essay, here the writer locates the thesis statement of the argument being analyzed, and the writer will present the statement after giving a brief introduction on the tropic of argument (Wood 56).

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Process analysis for writing argumentative paper
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The second step involves the writer writing a statement that will advocate his stand in the claim. This is the position that the writer has taken in the argument. It involves the writing of the reasons as to why the writer has taken this position. The writer puts down as much evidence as he/she can find to support the validity of the writers point of view. The evidence should be arranged in a manner that gives the greatest impact to the reader (Wood 78).

The next step involves the stating and expanding on the objection side of the argument. Here, the writer presents all the opposing views and the reasoning that is behind these perspectives. The writer then acknowledges the validity of these perspectives and the weakness of his own perspective. This helps in the gaining of ethical appeal from the readers. This is a significant step in the writing of argumentative essays. the readers have to know what the other side of the argument entails and the evidence that supports it (Wood 80).

In the next step, the writer then starts to reply to the above objectives, by the use of reasoning and evidence the writer explains the reason as to why the opposing side has a perspective that is not valid, this is a critical step in the essay as many of the key points are covered here. The writer may also choose to support the validity of the opposition’s perspective. However, he or she has to show that the perspective of the opposition is not acceptable by giving reasons and prove that his argument is more valid, and the opposition is less attractive (Wood 90).

The next step in the writing of an argumentative essay involves the stating of the conclusion. Here, the writer assesses the original position and in the light of the presented rebuttals and evidence. This step should reflect all the main points that were discussed, in the essay, and now connect these points so that readers can clearly get the writer’s argument. The conclusion statement should be easy to understand and straight to the point, the first sentence in the conclusion should expound more on the thesis or introduction statement. This is finally followed by the references or the works cited (Wood 92). These are the sources that the writer has used to write the essay. The writing of an argumentative essay does not have a fixed way of formatting, but the above discussed steps are the main steps that writers use in the coming up of argumentative essays.

Works cited

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