Problem Solving (PS)

1.What are the four stages in problem solving? How does each stage contribute to the solution?

2.Give an example of a well-defined and an ill-defined problem. In general, how do they differ?

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Problem Solving (PS)
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3.How are external forms of representation (e.g., graphs, diagrams) helpful in solving problems?

4.List five different problem representations and explain when each is most likely to be useful.

5.Explain how persistence can be a useful problem-solving aid.

6.Compare and contrast five problem solving strategies presented in this chapter. Provide an example in which each might be used.

7.Four different kinds of analogies were suggested for use. Describe each and give an example when each would be useful.

8. When you try to solve a problem, it’s wise to ‘sleep on it’ instead of trying too hard to solve it in one shot. The idea of sleep on it is similar to _____ stage of PS.

9. We generate many solutions in the ____ stage of PS.

10. Our brain is like a computer. The STM is like RAM in computer. I am using ___ thinking to aid my understanding about the problem.

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