Problem solving and report writing

The cost of the share issue ($2000) will be accounted for in the next Whopper annual accounts as expenditure.

We will now consider the matter of the amount of cash that Whopper Ltd will pay to the proprietors of Weenie Ltd. pay out the current tax liability and provision for leave, to redeem the debentures at a premium of 5%, and to pay its liquidation expenses of $2500.

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Problem solving and report writing
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Whopper Ltd will therefore need to provide a cash sum of $71,000. It is noted that Whopper Ltd has total cash reserves (cash-in-hand and retained earnings) of $97,000 to cover this sum. At the end of this transaction, Whopper Ltd. will still have $26,000 in cash available. Whether this is enough to cover unforeseen cash liabilities remains to be seen. However, it is noted that Whopper has some $35,000 of accounts receivable, and Weenie Ltd has some $26,000 of same, which Whopper will presumably inherit. It is recommended that, in the event of payment problems, debt factoring be resorted to recover as much of this sum as possible (debt factors typically pay 50% of the notional sum to take over the debts, leaving the enlarged Whopper with $30,500), in order to avoid further bank loans.

Totalling up the values of the assets listed above, Whopper Ltd, will need to find a total sum in cash, shares and assets (the Weenie Ltd. land and buildings) of some $101,000. As instructed, this will be found through $10,000 in cash, $33,000 in Whopper shares at their current value, and the fair value of the Weenie land and buildings, a total of $60,000 at fair value. This gives a total of $103,000 at ‘fair values’. This leaves a discrepancy of some $2,000, in view of the ‘fair values’ of the Nathan assets. This will be best accounted for as a ‘balancing item’ within the Whopper accounts for this transaction, as the sum of $103,000 has been contractually agreed.

Note : these transactions have nearly exhausted Whopper’s cash reserves.

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