Problem in corrections

Write 1 page with APA style on Problem in corrections. r: What is the most overreaching problem in corrections today? What solutions do you recommend and how can these solutions be achieved, realistically?

For over a couple of decades, corrections have struggled to remedy the stubborn issue on overcrowding. To this point, several propositions to resolve lack of prison space are still made to undergo examination such as conversion of part of the jail’s recreational facilities into spaces that would accommodate medium-security housing sections. In the U.S., one ground being analyzed for utilizing diversion is the quest for a solution on easing burdened courts off overcrowded detentions. This is meant to be sustained by case management whereby files of a detainee are technically organized to determine essential needs on health, social, and other relevant aspects of development by which the person may learn to outgrow crime-prone attributes.

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Problem in corrections
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In my opinion, diversion if properly administered would attain to the principal goal of leading the involved parties at fault towards psychological renewal or even emotional reorientation for their own sake and the society that is directly impacted by their reformed attitude. Such desired end as characterized by a gradual change of heart in the process truly signifies relief for the system of justice given the number of other major cases or concerns in need of serious attention. An investment to monitor prisoners upon temporary or permanent release, I suppose, would further ensure quality of transformation to normal behavior and sound well-being apart from any criminal tendencies. When this objective is consistently met, the judicial system would no doubt come to the intended relief of prison units from overcrowding.


Loewenstein, James. “Overcrowding Remains a Problem at County Jail.” thedailyreview. Retrieved from on April 24, 2012.

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