Private Security Middle East – Iraq – Private Contractors

The learning outcome for this unit requires that you ‘demonstrate a variety of research methods required to conduct a fitting research proposal’. The unit has the following assessment criteria: Analyse the different theoretical and methodological approaches involved in quantitative and qualitative research .Evaluate research methods and tools .Determine appropriate methodologies to address a research problem (4 marks) .Demonstrate the ability to select appropriate research tools and supporting evidence. Design and construct an effective research proposal, including the use of a detailed timelineProject Proposal Structure The proposal should be 2000 words in length (excluding bibliography), it may include diagrams and tables as required. The proposal should include the following sections and adhere to the following structure: Title The title should capture the reader’s attention and at the same time describe the research topic succinctly. Keep the title clear, brief and interesting. Professional journals, academic texts and bibliographies will all provide good examples of research titles, look at these as they will give you good ideas as to how to construct your own title. Quite often a research project title will have an eye-catching opening followed by a more detailed description i.e.: Watching the Detectives: A Study of the Way in Which British Police Investigators were portrayed in UK Television fiction 1970-1980. Introduction In this section you should set out what your research topic is and why it is important. You should aim to set the research in its historical, professional and cultural context, and you should aim to engage the reader’s interest in the topic you are pursuing. It is important you specify what the ‘research problem’, ‘issue’ or ‘question’ is that your intended research will answer. When selecting an area of research it is usually a good idea to explore a narrow area in depth rather than try to cover a large are and never get below the surface. Research Methods This section is at the heart of your proposal and you will need to demonstrate a familiarity with the various research methods open to you as well as detailing the research method you have chosen and why it is you have chosen this method to address the research problem. You will need to explain your methodology in detail and explain why it is the best/chosen approach. You will need to explain whether your research will be practical or theoretical, if it will be qualitative or quantitative in nature and if it will include questionnaires, interviews etc. Again, it is important to explain why you have chosen your methodology and why it offers the best approach to addressing your research problem. You will also need to indicate what sources and resources you intend to utilise in the research project. This will include key texts (books, journals etc.) as well as any sites, databases or other media you will make use of. It is important to explain why you have selected these sources and resources and how they will directly contribute to your research. Also outline any difficulties you think you might encounter with your project and how you will mitigate or overcome them. You should also include a consideration of any ethical issues that may arise from your chosen subject or methodology. It is important you conform to an ethical standard and that your research is not likely to bring you, the Security Institute (SyI), or Perpetuity Training into disrepute. The research methods section will consider some or all of the following:  How will the research be conducted?  Why will it be conducted this way? What sources of information/data will be used?  How big will any sample be and what is included and excluded  How will these sources of information/data be collected?  Will any research tools/instruments be needed if so what and why?  Are there any ethical issues Timeline In this section you will provide a bullet point chronological list or a simple Gantt chart of the key points in the completion of your research. You should start with the commencement date for the project assignment and end with the date you are due to submit the project (see your Course Study Guide for these dates). The following is an example of the type of dates you may wish to include;  Day/Month/Year Project commencement  Day/Month/Year Literature search and review  Day/Month/Year Creation of data collection tools (if required)  Day/Month/Year Collection of data  Day/Month/Year Analysis of data  Day/Month/Year Writing up of project  Day/Month/Year Revision and final editing of project  Day/Month/Year Delivery of project Keep in mind this is the timeline for your actual project so cover all the key deliverables involved in your project. It is important that you are realistic about what you can achieve in your project in the time available to you and the timeline will help with this. Conclusion The conclusion should sum up the key points of your proposal with emphasis on why the research is important and the impact it will have in your sector or field. Bibliography Any sources cited in the research proposal must be listed in a bibliography at the end of the research proposal. You should use the Harvard format as described in your Course Study Guide. Marking The Project proposal will be marked on its own merits as a proposal using the marking sheet and marking criteria in the template below. You should check your proposal against the marking criteria before submission, as this will help you to ensure you have covered the critical assessed areas. In addition the marking sheet contains a section providing written feedback on how well your project proposal will work as an actual project. This section is designed to help you in preparing for your project and is not assessed. It exists purely as a source of support and guidance for you.

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Private Security Middle East – Iraq – Private Contractors
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