Privacy and new technology.

Privacy Principles and Consent Control of data is important in cases where the individual involved is not able to assess the risk associated with disclosing of the personal information. In many cases individuals are not aware that the personal information they give can end up being in the hands of third parties and this call for the control of the data. However consent becomes only relevant to the application of some privacy principles. It is either framed as an exemption to general prohibition done against handling of personal information in a certain way or it is also done as a basis to authorize the handling of personal information in a particular way.

This way, in a certain case, consent will not be the only exemption to a certain prohibition nor will it be the only basis for allowing the handling of personal information in a certain way. This calls for the law that controls the handling of the data if the individual concerned maybe signed consent oblivious of the circumstances that can surround its leakage to the third party.

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Privacy and new technology.
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According to Naomi and Charles, 2011, information Privacy Principles do not require that an individual should give her consent to the collection of the concerned person’s personal information. There is a laid rule that governs or is against an organization collecting sensitive information about an individual. Among the exceptions to the prohibition is where the individual has given the consent. The control of the information is also important to prohibit an agency from using the information obtained from an individual with consent in other ways that are contrary to the ones intended in the initial agreement.

The law governing the handling the rights of an individual to his or her information clearly states the way the information should be handled. The organization bears the whole responsibility if.-

a. Uses the information acquired in other ways that are different from the one that was stipulated in the consent. The agency or company should be accountable if the information is used on other ways and leads to inconveniencies on the side of the individual.

b. If the information is leaked to third parties. This could mean that the information has been allowed to be used contrary to the consent signed. Even if there was no consent signed the agency or company should be held accountable for the act.

The code of data sharing clearly states how the personal information should be handled. In case of any act that should prove without doubt that the information leaked to another party or was used for other means it should be held accountable.


Korn, Naomi and Oppenheim, Charles. Personal Data and Consent Management. Strathclyde: University of Strathclyde, 2011. Print.

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