Principles of Remote Sensing.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Principles of Remote Sensing. It needs to be at least 1250 words. When passive remote sensing is applied, the source used is generally based on natural radiation which is being emitted and reflected by the object of interest as well as the surrounding region. Generally reflected sunlight is used as the most common source for passive remote sensing. The remote sensors employed for passive remote sensing are film photography, charge-coupled devices, radiometers, and infrared sensors. On the other hand, when active remote sensing is applied, energy is emitted towards the object of interest as well as the surrounding regions. The amount of radiation that is reflected back or backscattered from the object of interest is then measured using sensing techniques. Typical examples of active remote sensing include RADAR and LiDAR.

In order to discover and detect objects as well as the phenomenon, it is necessary that the radiant energy that is reflected or emitted by the object of interest be detected and recorded for analysis. Various materials tend to return differing amounts of energy based on the bands of the electromagnetic spectrum based on the incident energy. The properties of the material including its structural, physical and chemical properties as well as the surface roughness, intensity, wavelength and angle of incidence all help in determining the returned amount of energy.

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As soon as the temperature of a body goes up the absolute zero, it begins to radiate electromagnetic radiation due to atomic and molecular oscillations. As the absolute temperature of a body increases, so does the amount of emitted radiation. The emitted radiation tends to peak as progressively shorter wavelengths are used. The energy from the sun comes in two forms which are radiation and illumination. These forms of energy from the sun can be captured through the use of conventional and unconventional.

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