Principles of nursing practice.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Principles of nursing practice. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Principles of Nursing Principles of Nursing Humanity Nurses should know, respect, and promote a persons right to attain proper healthcare and well-being. They should maintain kindness to help patients to feel safe, respected, and valued. They preserve the fundamental worth of each patient. They recognize the significance of privacy and confidentiality and safeguard personal and family information obtained in the professional interaction (Bullock, Macleod Clark & Rycroft-Malone 2012, p.159). The nurses develop a connection with the spirit of self and that of the patient.


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Nurses are responsible and accountable for their actions. Nurses account for the well-being of their assigned patients, nursing actions and professional behavior (Bullock, Macleod Clark & Rycroft-Malone 2012, p. 223). The nursing team functions on their level of proficiency in the legally recognized range of practice. The nursing staff undertakes steps to promote the delivery of safe, and appropriate ethical care to patients.


They uphold the principle of safeguarding the health and safety of each patient. They enquire and get involved to address unsafe, corrupt, or incompetent practices that interfere with their ability to provide safe, ethical, compassionate, and competent care to the patients. They also take preventive measures to minimize harm that arises from adverse occurrences. They work as a team to reduce the potential for future risks and preventable harms.

Patient involvement

Nurses provide information to patients in their care with the facts they need to make well-versed decisions connected to their health and well-being. They ensure they provide nursing care with the patients informed consent. The nurses respect the wishes of people who decline to receive information about their health conditions. The nurses recognize and respect an individuals freedom to withdraw consent for care or treatment at any time.

Effective Communication

Nurses express linguistic expertise in their practice. The nursing team engages in compassionate care through their speech and physical response in an effort to realize and care for the needs of the patients. They identify and analyze relevant information when making decisions regarding the status of the patient (Bullock, Macleod Clark & Rycroft-Malone 2012, p.159). They assist patients to learn about the health care system and assessing appropriate health care facilities.

Applying Technical Skills

The nurses have a responsibility to exhibit competence continuously. They utilize a combination of technical expertise and clinical reasoning to provide appropriate healthcare to patients. The qualities and capabilities of nurses relevant to their practice as registered nurses enable individuals to practice nursing. They execute effective management skills. When providing care, nurses utilize practice standards and guidelines concerning their performance.

Continuous Care

Nurses provide care based on the physical, psychological, spiritual, cultural, and family needs (Bullock, Macleod Clark & Rycroft-Malone 2012, p.158). The nurses attend to the vulnerability of the patients because the needs of the patients create dependency. The nurses consciousness, moral commitment, and time build a bit of space for caring to occur. Adequate care leads to positive health outcomes and improved quality of life.


Nurses express leadership attributes such as risk taking, role model, communicator, collaborator, and advocate for quality care. The professional practice and operational activity foster collaboration within the nursing team towards quality client-centered care. The nurses participate with authority and necessary resources in a joint vision for their workplaces to ensure they meet the nursing standards. With the collective drive of shared leadership, the nurses form strong networks that result in excellence in nursing practice.


Bullock, I., Macleod Clark, J & Rycroft-Malone, J, (2012), Adult Nursing Practice: Using Evidence In Care, Oxford University Press, Oxford.

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