Principles of Management and Elements of Control.

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Questions have been raised about how a nonprofit organization can become more popular and effective -than other organizations such as for-profit organizations offering similar services. There are various points that account for its success and these are stipulated in the fundamental principles of Global Red Cross Network (American Red Cross 2013). One of the principles is that of Humanity, which stipulates that the teams would always work to alleviate all forms of human suffering without discriminating any affected person. The principle of humanity eventually fosters friendship, mutual understanding, peace and cohesion amongst the population it serves.

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Principles of Management and Elements of Control.
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The second principle is that of impartiality which prevents the team from engaging in practices that amount to discrimination based on religiosity, political stand, nationality and social and economic class. Rather, all practices should be informed by the individual needs while giving consideration to the most urgent and critical issues. The third principle, which is closely related to the principle of impartiality, is that of neutrality that bars the team from taking sides in the political, social, religious and ideological controversies. The fourth principle is that of independence. This principle guides that the team should work without undue influence from the third parties such as national politics and religiosity. This is aimed at ensuring that the teams maintain their autonomy. The fifth principle is that of Voluntary service, which rules that the team is not supposed to engage in practices that are profit oriented. The sixth principles is that of unity, which emphasizes that members of the teams should work together to realize the set goals while touching every person in&nbsp.need, regardless of the country’s geographical region. The last principles are that of universality, which acknowledges that every society across the globe has an equal status and have equal responsibilities in improving the life of every person.&nbsp.

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