Prequel of events in goldings lord of the files.

The war had grown intensely severe and it started getting unsafe on the streets of England. Ralph was amongst several boys who had desired a safe environment that they could flourish in as they enjoyed their childhood. The desire to achieve freedom had been spread amongst the population prompting the government to take drastic measures to ensure the safety of its citizens. A nuclear threat followed the unsafe streets of England contributing to an immediate evacuation of the group of boys on the plane to Australia. Ralph boarded the plane with high hopes of gaining freedom and achieving his desire to express his ambition to society. The boys boarded the plane with few grownups tagging along in their ride. Boys took their places comfortably on the plane with the hope of getting a better environment when the plane lands on the other land. Ralph then decided to take a nap visualizing his next destination and the opportunity it offered. A few hours later, he looked out his window after taking a short nap to notice fire burning on one of the plane wings (Golding, 8). There was a loud rattling on the sides of the plane sounding as if a monster had boarded the plane with them but on the outside. Ralph suddenly hit his head and fell to his seat unconscious.

He had opened his eyes for about 20 minutes when he noticed the thick cloudy sky above him and raindrops falling gently upon his face. Ralph thought he had reached his destination but with severe pain on his body and a scar on the side of his face. Ralph got up to find himself on an Island and no one but the green vegetation in the land he had woken up in to greet him. He thought for a second that he had taken a deep nap and the other boys had got up to play leaving him to sleep out in the open. He instantly noticed he was left on an Island but still wondered what had happened to the other boys. He decided to make his way up into the lagoon to asses the situation better when he heard a voice calling him, “Hi, wait a minute,” (Golding, 7). The fat boy in glasses had been a curious one as he asked Ralph several questions on the land that they had found themselves. Ralph noticed that the boy was also in a similar confused state as he had been on waking up. The strange boy whom Ralph was meeting for the first time sought to inquire where the other boys had disappeared to and decided to tag along with Ralph to solve the mystery of the strange events they were witnessing. Ralph wondered if the pilot had dropped them and then flew away abandoning them because the situation had grown worse with the battle growing intense. The boys advanced further into the island with the fat boy inquiring about his companion’s name as “Ralph” (Golding, 9).

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Prequel of events in goldings lord of the files.
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