Preparation of Negotiation Memorandum.

Need help with my writing homework on Preparation of Negotiation Memorandum. Write a 250 word paper answering; To achieve the goal in question, the Contracting Officer should source input from the technical, audit, pricing and systems specialists within their organizations.

These reviews have yielded calculations that are presented in the Excel-spreadsheets herein attached. My review is based on the PNM checklist provided and has managed to provide both the highest and lowest prices that can be achieved in the program.

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Preparation of Negotiation Memorandum.
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The challenges I faced in doing this include, among others, lack of transparency. ITP and H-19 are obvious competitors and selecting ITP to enhance T-19 computers was tantamount to asking them to share their ‘winning’ formula. As such, the company was not transparent in its issuance of pricing records for fear of revealing confidential information. However, the information they provided was sufficient to build a pre-PNM in the format of the checklist.

It is important to note that without a pre-PNM, the Contracting Officer is incapacitated in his preliminary review of companies bidding for a contract. As such, being smart in pre-PNM is very important to an individual, organization or even a country at large since favorable and reasonable costs can be evaluated for any particular contract.

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