Premier Inn-Marketing Strategy. 

Write 10 pages with APA style on Premier Inn-Marketing Strategy. It aims to provide the best service to their precious clients with economical packages. The properties of the brand are that it specializes in personal service with high quality of food and excellent room service. However, the biggest drawback of the Premier Inn is its lack of service and management focus more on quantity rather in quality. The strong point of the Premier Inn is that they offer the money back guarantee to their clients and believe in influences the customers.

Due to the recession, the economic activity of the hotel industry is low. This threat should be considered short term for the Premier Inn and the company should focus on providing consummate business service to their valuable clients at affordable rates in order to appeal more and more customers.

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Premier Inn-Marketing Strategy. 
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Premier Inn with more than 500 hotels in the UK, and a symbol of 4-star hotels in the UK specializing in providing quality service at affordable rates. Furthermore, due to the recession, the economic activity in the hotel industry sharply slow down. People are not willing to spend on vacations and travel. And that’s the biggest threat to the company. The biggest competitor is and Brimingimah City Center. Our Hotel has an edge in the market due to the vast chain spread all over the country. The class of clients our company has corporate and families. But families on vacations brings a larger portion of revenue for our hotels. We want our clients to know that we are here to provide them with personalized service. Moreover, our guests need to know that we are here to develop a relationship with them to ensure them the efficiency of service, the value of their money. And their reliability on us to provide them the best service they expect.

However likewise another competitor, our company focuses more on aggressive and fruitful marketing strategy to bring fruitful results even in the recession. The key is to retain the loyal customers and business.&nbsp.

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