Precise molded products, inc 

Precise Molded Products, Inc of Introduction According to Sower (2003), quality can be too expensive that it needs to be checked out regularly. As organizations seek to improve the quality of their products, they might encounter challenges that may even cancel their quality advantage. Looking closely at the case of Precise Molded Products Company, one can conclude that a wonderful job is done by the technicians considering the amount of work done within one hour. In fact, the technical work in this whole case study is the measurement part, which is comparatively done well because only a few products are rejected as a result of length (Sower, 2003). This implies that, the staff might be concerned more with the technical part of production at the expense of the other parts such as the wrapping part that records the highest number of rejects.

A critical analysis of both wrap and short suggests that wrapping does not require much expertise to do it, whereas measurement may require one to have knowledge of what they are doing. Sower (2003) asserts that the biggest cost of quality results from carelessness of the workers. Employees may become careless due to fatigue, lack of motivation as well as poor working conditions. It has been noted that, workers who are highly motivated when doing their work, make less mistakes (Sower, 2003). Moreover, if employees are overworked the probability of making many mistakes is very common. Consequently, managers should always ensure that all their employees are well kept in order to avoid small mistakes. By so doing the cost of quality will greatly be reduced.

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Precise molded products, inc 
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Mistakes that cause rejects cannot be avoided but can only be reduced because man is to error (Sower, 2003). Mistakes like discoloring and stains are caused as a result of simple human errors. Products may be handed by employees in a way that they are not supposed to be handled causing damage. Appearance of a product plays a very big role in the rejection of the product since a customer will dislike anything that is not appealing to the eye. Thus managers should ensure that products are presented in a way that is appealing to the customer. In addition, customer satisfaction also encompasses good delivery services, production of a variety of products and the product taste should be to the preference of a customer (Sower, 2003).

The quality manager specifically complains of a rise and fall of rejects depending on the days. Sower (2003) explains that this is a clear reflection that the firm is experiencing accuracy as well as effectiveness problems. This can only be attained through a clear evaluation of how employees carry out their work with the aim of identifying and outsourcing the problems. On the other hand, expertise knowledge cannot be overlooked when talking about quality. High quality is always characterized with high expertise since a person who has knowledge concerning something, will give it his best during the production process. Workers should be allocated work according to where they are best suited (Sower, 2003). This will give them confidence in doing their work hence avoiding small mistakes.


Sower, V. E., & Quarles, R. (2003). Cost of quality: Why more organizations do not use it effectively. ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement Proceedings, 57(2), Pp. 625-637.

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