Pre-Interview Worksheet with Homeless.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Pre-Interview Worksheet with Homeless. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. His background made him a stand out from the other experts because of a personal experience thus making his view on the subject grounded and based on reality.

He would also make an ideal source on how to address the issue because of the nature of his vocation – a motivational speaker. This meant that his approach towards any issue is filled with optimism that an issue can be overcome. In the interest of the research paper, this will put a positive tone and doable perspective on the issue that the research is trying to address.

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Pre-Interview Worksheet with Homeless.
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Upon checking Dr. Carlton Young’s profile in his website, it revealed the diversity of his background. Apart from being an Author and a motivational speaker, he was also a soldier and a successful entrepreneur. He travels from Atlanta, Georgia throughout the United States to address homelessness with his proven approach of empowering people to go back into a mainstream life (Young nd).

To understand what homelessness is, I read several articles and journals about what constitutes a home and what makes one homeless. I tried to understand the plight of the homeless by reading articles that document their situation. I also read news articles about the homeless status of America and what the policymakers are doing about it. I also did a cursory reading about Dr. Young’s book on how he was able to overcome homelessness and become one of the most successful authors and motivational speaker in America.

To effectively write the research paper, I have to define what the problem is.

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