Power and Politics in Business. 

Power and Politics in Business. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Perhaps the best example of personalized power comes from the CEO of Apple computers i.e. Steve Jobs. Even a cursory glance at the power structure of the company will show that the management techniques used at Apple have greatly affected the company’s success and failure. A culture of power and an aura of personal authority extend from the CEO of the company and as the CEO will often behave in a radical, unconventional and anti-organizational way, so does the company follow in his mighty footsteps.

For example, Steve Jobs’ management process of terminating employees is absolute and unquestioned since he is famous for his summary ‘executions’ where he has been known to fire people working for the company in the time it takes to go from one floor of the building to another in an elevator. This is certainly done without legal or any other sort of consultations with anyone since his individual power is absolute. His presence on the company campus is affectionately known as the reign of terror in which anything can happen anywhere at any time (Deutschman, 2000).

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 Power and Politics in Business. 
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Normally, an organization takes a lot of time and places a lot of thought into both hiring and firing individuals since there are legal checks which need to be made and decisions like removing people from service can have far-reaching effects on the overall company. Such rules do not seem to apply at Apple since Steve Jobs’ working tactics have been discussed by Deutschman (2000) who says:

“He had total disregard for the hierarchical chain of command. He would remember what several hundred people did and call on whomever he needed, always bypassing their managers. It was as though everyone in the company reported directly to Steve himself (Deutschman, 2000, Pg. 1)”.

His power also creates an aura of influence which lets Steve Jobs get more out of individuals working for the company (Nelson and Quick, 1999). A story given by Hertzfeld (1984) discusses how the human potential of the team was unleashed by Steve Jobs’ stubborn refusal to give up even when the situation seemed drastic.&nbsp.

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