Poundland in China

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Poundland in China. According to the research findings, Angeline Volker started form studying the history of the company. She found out that Poundland is one of the famous companies in the retail industry. It is a British multinational company having its presence in most of the big countries of the world. It is a public limited company. The company was established in 1990 by Stephen Smith and Dave Dodd. The company deals with various types of products like kitchenware, home, healthcare, gifts etc. The company sells all of its products at £ 1. The company is considered as the largest single priced retailer in the UK. In 2014 the company earned revenue of 997.8 million pounds. In that year the profit of the company was £ 13.9 million. The firm has around 10,020 employees who play the vital role in operating the business process. The target of Poundland Company is to increase its market share and customer base. The company has expanded its business operations in many countries of the world. Now it is focusing on expanding its business in China. This country can be a big market for this company. The firm has the objective to the entire market of China. In different other countries, the company is enjoying strong growth in customer acquisition and sales. The company expects the same business growth after expanding into China market. The next issue Angeline considered to be essential was evaluating the brand of the company. Poundland is into the retail industry for a long period of time. The retail stores of Poundland sell products of different brands. The company also has products of its own. The company is famous for selling all products for £ 1. This unique pricing policy helps the brand to attract the maximum number of customers.

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Poundland in China
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