Potencial investors.

At the input site, there is an installed automatic camera and a point for placing the thumb. It is then connected to a computer, a bell and alarm system at the output. The input system is placed outside the gate.

The system will enhance security in that when one place his/her thumb at the input system, the automatic camera records the image and the fingerprints. The image of the person at the gate can then remain transmitted to the computer located in either the house or the security personnel office. In case the bio-data is of the family member, the computer controlled bell system automatically rings. However, in case the bio-data is for a non-family member, there is activation of the alarm system to alert the family member of the presence of a stranger in the gate. The concerned member can then alert the security through contacts available in the system in case the stranger raises suspicion.

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Potencial investors.
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The whole process of developing the idea to certification by the national Security Council requires an estimate of 400, 000 US dollars whereas the advertisement and testing fee will cost another 150,000 US dollars. The cost of installation to the first 500 customers will cost an estimate of 100,000 US dollars. The business idea therefore requires a total of approximately 700,000 US dollars to start. The business has a prospect of engaging the federal government in case of success, making huge profits to the investors. With the ease of availability of the computers, the company will develop the software, the alarm and bell system. The company will as well attract investors from the National Security Council who will partly help in the development of the system and sell the idea to the government more easily.

I interviewed three prominent potential ICT investors including Miller Collen, Pearson Todd, and Sander Preston. 

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