Postgraduate education

Electronics & Communication Eng as my major for it offered me innumerable choices of specialization. During these 4 years I learnt Subjects like-Electronics Devices & Circuits,Pulse & Digital Circuits,programming in C, Digital Integrated Circuits,Digital Communication Theory,Veils Design,Computer Communication Networks and Digital Signal Processing. These subjects aroused my research instincts when I realized I am really excited about the prospects of me being a part of such researches. Research Background I always had a Liking for the books from a very young age, perhaps this made me
Inquisitive about everything I came across yearning to know It’s Intricacies. This later helped me immensely when I started representing my school team regularly at inter- school science festivals. My first brush with serious research was in final year of my undergraduate course when I successfully completed a project titled “Design and implementation of ARQ Protocols in Data Communication” at Communication division,Electronics & Radar Development Establishment (L. R. D. Elders Research & Development Organization,Government of India-Ministry of Defense,Bangor as art of a 4 member team.
The project implements ARQ Protocols in data Communication networks using the widely popular coca microelectronic. The coca systems used for Transmission and reception have been designed and Implemented. We did parallel research along with our gulled providing valuable inputs apart from helping him with calculations. Coals In a decade from now I envisage myself as a Research Scientist In premier research Laboratory or as a Professor in a top university. I understand that M. Sc culminating in University. Why University of Saskatchewan ?

A Graduate education that would enable me to pursue advanced degree is what I have aspired for . 1 also believe that good graduate program is an essential step for realizing my long-term goals. I hope to fulfill my ambition at University of Saskatchewan , which I consider one of the best to pursue graduate studies . 1 have gone through the brochure and website very carefully and I have concluded that with excellent research facilities and highly knowledgeable faculty, University of Saskatchewan will provide a perfect environment to focus all my resources towards research.
I am confident that I’ll be able to meet the standards of the University. I am eagerly waiting for an opportunity to make significant contribution in research and Development programs of the University. Conclusion I fully understand the kind of dedication, perseverance and resolve a graduate program calls for; I believe that I have the ability and determination to tread on this exciting path. In conclusion, I do hope that I’ll be given a fair chance to realize my objectives by being granted an admission. I look forward for a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the University. (Ninja Visitant’s Mashes)

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Postgraduate education
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