The falling of the Berlin wall in 1989 marked the end of the Cold War and as a result the world moved from a state of military multipolarity to a state of unipolarity which still exists today. There is a debate concerning whether the world has become more stable and secure after the end of the Cold War. In 1979, there was a hypothesis presented by Kenneth Waltz that stated that the world is more secure and stable if there are few dominating powers. According to him, alliances had become more diffuse in a world that is multipolar than in a world that is bipolar (Trachtenberg 132). In the world history, the era of multipolarity was characterized by six states that competed for the influence and power distribution was constantly changing. There was stability during the period of the Cold War because there was sharing of domination between two super powers. There have been a lot of changes since the presentation of the hypothesis by Waltz.

The end of the Cold War resulted in an end of ‘structural elements’ in the international framework that was facing the third world nations. That means that the world competition between the superpowers and the resulting search for the allies in the developing world. However, eliminating competition meant that there was now a decisive change in the western policy towards the third world nations (Trachtenberg 134). For example, they could no longer apply their strategic position in mineral resources or their political support in the regional conflict as bargaining points with the superpowers. The end of the Cold War resulted in changes in the world structure of the system which had a great effect on Third World nations.

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During the WWI and WWII a system of multipolarity raises conflict in the politics of the world, as many states of the same strength compete for influence and power. The states are not sure of the intentions of their rivals, which increase the possibility of a military action.

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