Positive nonverbal messages Essay

From the manner we dress to the manner we move. our gestural signals can uncover a great trade about our emotions. perceptual experiences and purposes. When a individual is speaking or listening. he sends uninterrupted messages consciously or unconsciously through his organic structure motions. such as the manner he holds his caput. the angle at which he hold his organic structure. his motions of limbs and his altering facial looks. This sort of communicating in which no verbal linguistic communication is used comes under the class of non verbal communicating. Harmonizing to Knapp & A ; Hall ( 2002 ) non verbal communicating refers to communicating that is produced by some agencies other than words. e. g. . oculus contact. organic structure linguistic communication or vocal cues.
The significance of gestural communicating. in set uping interpersonal relationships. is far greater than any one can believe of. Harmonizing to experts. a significant part of our communicating is gestural. On the footing of its consequence gestural communicating can be classified under following three classs. 1. POSITIVE NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION – Positive gestural messages puts the other individual at easiness. When a individual expresses an unfastened and positive attitude towards the individual with whom he is interacting. it creates a supportive and collaborative ambiance.
Use of positive non-verbal communicating helps a individual to go more effectual and successful. It significantly affects the degree of interpersonal relationship. It besides determines the overall feeling people form about a individual. There are several types of positive non verbal indexs. For illustration turning face to the transmitter. tilting somewhat frontward towards him bespeak that he is interested. . Noding to show apprehension. smiling or touching the individual gently are other types of positive non verbal cues.

The oculus contact is most effectual non verbal cue to accomplish the end of deriving someone’s trust. The manner one uses his organic structure and limbs. his eyes and face. will hold a major influence on how his non verbal messages are perceived. 2. NEGATIVE NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION – Sometimes not verbal organic structure motions. gestures and facial looks generate disinterest & A ; misgiving. It creates a province of confusion on the portion of the receiving system. The type of communicating which comes under the above class is known as negative gestural communicating. Negative gestural messages shackles collaborative and supportive environment.
To guarantee effectual communicating one must avoid giving such type of cues. Gazing or staring at other can make force per unit area and tenseness between the receiving system and the transmitter. Negative facial look. devious eyes. excessively much eye blink suggest misrepresentation Eyebrow musculus draws the superciliums down and toward the centre of the face if person is annoyed. Talking to person without keeping the oculus contact is deflecting and frequently interpreted as insulting. If a individual keeps speaking on phone or keeps working on the computing machine during the conversation. it shows that he is non interested. 3.
NEUTRAL NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION –This is the type of gestural communicating which have neither positive or negative consequence on the receiving system. The type of organic structure motions. positions and tone which have impersonal consequence on the receiving systems feelings and emotions comes under this class. It is really hard to label any non verbal cue as impersonal. Peoples attach intending even to a impersonal message. During listening one seldom can remain soundless for long. silence in some cases may be treated as impersonal non verbal communicating. If it lasts more than for 5-6 seconds so it turns into a negative cue.
Sounds like ‘Mmm’ . ‘Ah’ and ‘Hmmm’ when used in a impersonal manner invite scholar to go on speaking. CONCLUSION – Sending clear gestural messages and understanding right the message send by person. mostly depends upon the manner how you are comprehending the entire state of affairs. and the individual with whom you are pass oning. Your head set and the environment in which the communicating is taking topographic point besides find how you interpret and react to the non verbal messages. Interpretation of the messages depends upon past experiences. feelings. attitude and socio cultural background of the receiving system.
Communication can be misperceived if the beginning and the receiving system does non portion common experiences and common frame of mention.
REFERENCES Knapp. M. L & A ; Hall. J. A ( 2002 ) Non Verbal Communication in Human Interaction. Crawfordsville. Inch: Thompson Learning Smith. T. E. & A ; Gartin B. C. Murdick. N. L. & A ; Hilton. A ( 2006 ) : Positive Indicator Of Non Verbal Communication Pearson Allyn Bacon Prentice Hall retrieved on 13th May. 2010 Windle. R & A ; Warren. S Communication Skills retrieved on 13th May 2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. directionservice. org/cadre/section4. cfm

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