Portfolio of Coaching Profession.

Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Portfolio of Coaching Profession. Coaching philosophy covers one’s purpose as a coach and how he will approach player development and winning. One’s coaching philosophy is made up of the primary objectives, beliefs, and principles that one adhere to in order to achieve his goals. (Barbour, 2011, p. 203)

One’s coaching philosophy will guide him on how to behave as a coach and how to interact with his trainees. Coaching philosophy has to touch on who one is and who one wants to be in the future. (Parsloe, 2009, p. 128) Mostly, it is based on one’s experience, knowledge, and opinions.

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All excellent philosophies describe and explain the purpose of coaching, the views, and the principle that the coach will use to achieve his goal. Some of the elements of the coaching philosophies are discussed below.

Plan, prepare and perform: For all aspects of football, planning is the key ingredient for good performance of footballers. It is advisable to use planning, preparation, and performance in the ratio of 3:2:1. That is taking 3 hours to plan, 2 hours to prepare and 1 hour to perform.

Fitness, skill and game sense: Whenever it is possible the coach should try to reproduce the ‘game type’ preparation. Tactics and skills of the game at times need to be given much weight for better performance. (Association, 2013, p. 307). Footballers should spend the most time in situations that are pressured in terms of time and space. This will help them to win possession, make good and fast decisions and execute efficient disposal.

Leadership: One should come up with his style or approach depending on the maturity of individuals he is coaching. Young athletes with no experience need some real direction and control. But when the player grows, become educated, experienced, confident, they need to be far more involved in the coach-player relationship. A well-performing team is always having a high leadership group, who wants to take ownership of the dynamics of the process which in place at that instant moment.&nbsp.(Parsloe, 2009, p.

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