Political Science

Political Science One              Suggested Online Midterm          

Please complete all three sections of this online midterm by first defining five terms from the given list, writing 4 short essays and 2 long essays from the options given. Complete this online midterm and submit it by the end of the 3RD week. {worth 10 points}

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Political Science
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Terms to Choose from and define five terms, use an example, and explain the significance of the term to the study of the American Constitution, federalism, campaigns and american elections.

Republic              Madison                 federalism           Shays rebellion            Virginia plan

New Jersey plan   Monarchy              primary                immigration                 Enumerated powers

states rights         random sample      Party ID               two party system         Power

framing                PACs                     republicans         realignment                 Politics 

ticket splitting      electorate              retrospective        leaners                       Government

Section Two: Please answer 4 of the following essay options by completing answering the question asked, using an example to explain your argument, and making clear and coherent conclusions. 

1. Do we need government according to HOBBES AND LOCKE?

2. Why is democracy considered DANGEROUS by our founding fathers?

3. How can tyranny result from majority rule? Explain?

4. What does democracy mean for a large republic like the United States? Explain.

5. Contrast the three plans at the constitutional convention in terms of who might benefit from their arrangement of the national legislature?

6. Were the anti-federalists correct in their critique of an absence of a national bill of rights? Why or why not?

7. Is America becoming more and more unequal?

8. Why are parties unsuccessful in american elections?

9. What are the roles of the mass media, special interest groups, political consultants, political parties in the presidential primaries of 2012 0r 2016?

10. How does public opinion affect a national campaign according to our text?

11. Does the median voter theory best explain the general election outcome in 2012? Explain why or why not?

12. Which social groups vote for the Republican party, the Democratic party, and Independents?

Section Three: Please answer any 2 of the following five options in a complete five paragraph essay. Use examples from our text and discussions to thoroughly explain your position.

1. Completely explain the general election outcomes of 2008 and 2012. Were both general election outcomes a function of retrospective, prospective, realignment, dealignment, or median voter model? Explain using clearly defined criteria.

2. How are american elections connected to the founding fathers anyway? Connect how the founding fathers helped determine the nature of american elections.

3. How has american federalism and democracy evolved or changed over the 240 years? Explain thoroughly and pay close attention to the role of the United States Supreme Court in the expansion of the national government’s authority and power and expansion of suffrage for all.

4. Describe the best argument for and against the ratification of the 1787 United States Constitution and federalism. Use the federalist and anti-federalist arguments to support your points.

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