Political Culture.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Political Culture. The definition of political parties focus on the methods and the objectives of the party and emphasizing their roles in political competition, reflect value-laden assumptions about the proper functioning of politics. Thus, political parties can be defined as a body of people united with the aim of advancing the common interest that serves their purpose (Richard 200-213). From the American perspective, a political party tends to be a group of more or less formation. The party seeks offices or power in government, exhibits an organization or structure, which links leaders at the center of government to a significant popular following in the political arena and its local enclaves, and generates in-group perspective or at least as symbols of identification or loyalty.

Some political parties originated within the parliamentary settings while others originated from outside parliament with the aim of getting into power. The consequential power related to parties often favors leaders in high public offices and is analogous to those that started the party.

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Political parties are core to important roles related to the modern democracies, these include. coordination within government (Richard 200-213).

The coordination within government takes place in several venues. Most obviously, the coordination function is demonstrated in party groups and clubs in parliament through their leaders and whips who are in charge of maintaining discipline and communication within the party’s parliamentary membership and policy committees.

Parliamentary party groups play significant roles. They play a role in getting committee members and laying the agenda of the parliament (Richard 200-213). Political parties also participate in the electoral process campaigns and structuring competition via producing candidates and relating some candidates to familiar symbols and histories. They also develop policy programs and recruit and coordinate campaigns through which they get a chance to promote their policies concerning pressing issues in the public domain (Richard 200-213). Political parties participate in the selection and recruitment of personnel where they select candidates for election, recruit and select people for appointed parties.

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