Police Recruit Qualifications.

However, if there is no certificate, then the police department would also accept a transcript of the applicant (“Background Information”).

In this line of police work, it is extremely important for the applicant to be physically fit, so that they can participate actively in defense tactics, which is a training process, and also in other physical activities. To test the physical fitness of an applicant, he is tested in aerobics, strength and how flexible he is. for physical fitness, there are procedures set by the commission. However, if the applicant doesn’t pass the physical fitness test, then he would be ineligible for admissions in the academy.

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The applicant should be the citizen of the United States of America and must know how to read and write the English Language. Whether the applicant is an American citizen or not, can be known of the history of the resident’s previous addresses, for the last ten years. Moreover, if the applicant has a military record, then the condition to apply in an academy is that he should have a record of honourable discharge and the fair employment laws would also apply here. Here, the applicant has to submit a certificate issued by the Military Service Record, and it should be considered as the only acceptable proof.

The applicant needs to have a driver’s license, before they are hired. the driver’s license must be of Washington State or the state in which they are applying for. For example, if an applicant wants to be hired in the Seattle Police Department, but lives in Washington, he has to get Seattle’s driving license. even though at the time of applying, the applicant wouldn’t have the license, it is compulsory for him to show the license in case he is hired. A driving license is essential because driving is an essential part of the police department (“Seattle”). 

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