Police and Society

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Police and Society. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In addition, they should develop and maintain self-restraint and strive hard for the welfare and safety of others. Police officers are expected to be honest in their thinking and actions, and respect and obey the rules of the police department. Moreover, they must maintain strict confidentiality about the information received by them in their official capacity. Such information is to be disclosed, only if required in the course of the police officer’s duty (Tapscott, 2007).

A police officer should not behave in an overbearing manner. In addition, police officers should not permit personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendship to influence their decisions. Thus, they are required to enforce the law with the utmost dedication, and in the absence of fear or favor (Tapscott, 2007).

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Police and Society
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Police officers should never compromise in dealing with crime or in the relentless pursuit of criminals. It has been strictly enjoined upon members of the police force that they should eschew the use of unnecessary force or violence. It is incumbent upon police officers to demonstrate the official badge as an icon of the faith of the public in the police department (Tapscott, 2007).

It is generally opined that the principal role of the police is best understood as a monopoly over the undisputed use of force. Many critics contend that the use of deadly force is counterproductive while dealing with offenders. The death of an individual at the hands of the police usually results in a strong public reaction. To a certain extent, the use of lethal force can be justified on the grounds of self-defense (Advanced Topics in Police Ethics, 2009). Some critics have even accused the police of promoting a culture of violence, in the name of law enforcement.

According to Berkley, the status of police has undergone degradation. Many people believe that the police do not deserve respect. Several elements have to be present in society, like consensus, freedom etc.

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