Poetry Explication of The Silence of Women.

She lashes out at men, not with any emotional remarks, but in a humorous way. She says that men get mellowed as they grow in age, or as they grow older, but women are diametrically opposite in nature. They give vent to their suppressed emotions through instinctive outbursts.

According to the poet, women become emotional as they grow in age, for the simple reason that they have been submissive to men over the years. They never got any upper hand at home or at their work place, during their prime period. So, at a later stage, they express their subdued feelings by shouting out at their husbands. This helps them overcome their disappointment or unfulfilled ambitions. The poet feels sorry for those husbands or men who surrender to their wife’s irritation. It is obviously ironic on the part of men to be docile to their wife’s remarks, as they were once intolerant and impatient with their women. She cites examples of husbands being drawn to malls by their wives, or being ordered about in public places. Expressions like “hauled” “sit there! and don’t you move!” bear expression to the (excess) freedom of expression enjoyed by women at a later stage. The poet is not a feminist totally, but, through the poem, she wants to drive home the idea that women despite their love for their husbands all through their life, try to dominate them when they become weak in health or mind. The poem picturises the emotional drama of a woman, who loves her husband, but fails to be polite to him.

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Poetry Explication of The Silence of Women.
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The poet, being a woman, knows very well that woman never enjoyed equal status with men, right from their childhood days. This is the sole reason for women being antipathetic to their male counter parts, and it grows as they (women) grow in age.

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