Pluralism and Democracy

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Pluralism and Democracy. It gives the characteristic of the societies without value pluralism as the ones with “ideational consensus-this implies acceptance of a common symbol structure, that is, agreement not only on broad principles but also on the terms in which these principles will be expressed” (Feit, 1964).

The other type of pluralism is a cultural one, which can be defined as the existence of several cultural groups in a definite society. Lipset differentiates among societies according to the type of factors, they are based on, which can be either cultural or economic or status (Lipset, 1964). According to Haug “existence of pluralism in a society is more likely to take place in societies that are young nations, covering large sparsely populated areas, engaged chiefly in agriculture and poor. their governmental functions are still shaky and unstable, as literacy rates are low and various interest groups struggle confusedly for dominance.

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Pluralism and Democracy
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