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       For the plays read in class. You are to turn in a report single spaced on plays read throughout the quarter. Detailed Below:

     Discuss the following items:

       1) What is the story? Briefly describe the plot. ½ page

       2) Discuss the themes and relevance of the story. What is it trying to convey? ½-1pg

       3) Pick a scene from the play and one character in that scene. Analyze the scene as the actor that is                responsible for portraying the role and address what’s below in first person POV, as opposed to                  academically analyzing it from a distance or analyzing it from an audience point of view. Discuss                the Given Circumstances that are important to your overall problem in this scene. What are you                  dealing with (Given Circumstances) and how would this influence you in this role? ½-1pg

       4) Write out a possible GOTE sheet that you would explore in rehearsals as you investigate the life of             this role in the scene from #3 above. 1 page

Example of GOTE sheet

Given Circumstances and GOTE Sheet

The given circumstances for my character in this neutral scene are that I am a 21 year old college student that has just gotten home at night and is tired from working and going to class. In this moment I am a little stressed out from working a good portion of the day and am trying to play Playstation to unwind and hopefully escape into the game away from my work related stress. I am in my apartment where I also have a roommate; however, my roommate can be a little obnoxious and unaware when people do not want to talk with him. I will be on the couch in our apartment playing Playstation alone for a short while until my roommate also arrives to our place. In the moment before the scene began I was up early like at 6 am to get ready for school since I have a class at 7am, and then have continuous classes until 1pm. From then on I go directly to Toys R’ Us where I get tired of working around a bunch of yelling and crying kids all day. I work until 8 pm where I then get home and begin to play video games, and to make it worse I was continually losing in the game.

Goal: My goal in this scene is to escape into the video game away from my work and school related stress, at this moment I really do not want any company. I simply want to relax and concentrate on nothing else but my TV screen at this moment.  This is my “me” time, and I need it!

Obstacle: At this moment my roommate is getting in the way of me accomplishing my goal by asking me things and trying to have a conversation with me when I want to be left alone and it is increasingly irritating me. Another obstacle is the difficulty of the game. I am playing online and some 8 year old is destroying me….probably another kid just like the ones throwing tantrums at Toys R Us…I am also running out of time because soon I will need to go to sleep to go through the same hell tomorrow.

Other: The only other person in this scene is my roommate who I really do not want to talk to at this time; he means well but he can be unaware he is unwanted at times, and is clearly unaware I am not interested in starting a conversation with him. I also have to have a connection to the others that aren’t in the scene, like terrible coworkers or the awful customer that was trying to get a ridiculous return because they too are part of my problem.

Tactics: In order to accomplish my goal I will attempt to try to play the video game by concentrating really hard on it, and if my roommate continues to ask questions I will attempt to hint at him that I want to be left alone with my game. At first I will be subtle by showing disinterest, and then some other possibilities are me ignoring him completely, me exploding at him, getting very aggressive so that he gets the hint. I can also go away and leave him there, or even get up and take the whole system with me into my room.

Expectations: My first Expectation as a part of my moment before is that I will be able to come home, relax, play my game on my own terms, and maybe even win at it so that I don’t feel like such a loser. When my roommate comes in, I hope that my roommate will quickly get the hint I do not want to talk with him and leave me alone, and especially cease to ask me questions. My fear here would be my roommate not getting the hint and us having a conflict because I have to directly tell him to leave me alone because I do not want him around, thus robbing me of my escape and contributing to the crappy day that I have had.

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