Planning and Managing for the Future.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Planning and Managing for the Future. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. One of the major strengths of the Inverleith Hotel (B&B) is the location where the hotel has planned to execute its operations. Due to a good geographic location, the hotel can do its business effectively. In addition, the managers and employees are identified to be focusing on the preferences of the customers facilitating in attracting more customers, which in turn aids towards the development of the hotel (Annual Report, 2014). One of the weaknesses of the hotel is the limited sales volume and number of rooms, which is affecting the visibility of the brand name of the hotel. The major opportunity of the hotel is the competency of the employees based on which the hotel is able to perform its operations in a competitive manner. The entrance of a new hotel can be one of the major threats for B&B. The owners and managers play a vital role in the improvement of the performance of the hotel based on their good managerial skills. The owners and managers always support the employees in their work, so that the employees can perform their work effectively for meeting the satisfaction level of the customers (Annual Report, 2011).

In the context, the assignment focuses on evaluating the plans as well as objectives of Inverleith Hotel (B&B) for having a better understanding of the performance of the company. Accordingly, measures are needed to be adopted for implementing the changes effectively for enhanced growth as well as the development of the hotel.

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The current business objectives and plans of Inverleith Hotel (B&B) are to increase exposure and expand the market by using new and advanced technology. Other current business objective and plan is to increase the number of customers with the aim of increasing the profit as well as the economic growth of the hotel. The hotel has planned to improve the quality of food products and also provide the best services to the customers based on the requirements of the customers (Annual Report, 2013). The business plans to hold a strong market position in the international market. The current business objectives and plans have been to enhance the performance of the hotel.

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