Planning and Developing a Resort.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Planning and Developing a Resort. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. PLANNING AND DEVELOPING A RESORT Planning the basic and the most important of any business to run successfully. Even in the international business management

Planning is one of the most important principles of management.

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Planning and Developing a Resort.
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A resort is place for those who escape the busy life schedule and wish to have an adventurous weekend to relax, to wind down in the luxurious guest rooms with commanding views of ocean. A resort is a place where one comes over for fresh air, a treat to any one with greenery all around. It can be an interesting place to spend holidays, to relax, to enjoy with friends and rejoice.

A resort can be planned to develop in an area which is far away or the out skirts of the city, which has scenic beauty, which has vast area as much as thirty acres.

It must be able to accommodate any number of customers with out giving a congestive look.

Selecting a country like India or Switzer land would be an ideal place both financially and also while considering nature.

Setting a target is a vital part for resort planning. A ten million US$ per year would be an achievable target.

It must avail customers with introductory offers like if they take annual membership they can get free entry into gym.

Also resorts must be developed in places where weather is pleasant and presentable and suits all types of people who come to enjoy their vacation.

Capital invested should be forty percent of the self-investment and the rest of the capital should be acquired from other financial sources like state owned financial organization or private organizations.

Once if the resort is a big hit and is full with memberships the designing of the facilities in the resort should be in manner that will not be congestive for the members.

Advertising plays a crucial role in developing the resort and keeping up its reputation.

A resort is equipped with a wealth of relaxing and recreational offerings throughout.

A spacious garden

A swimming pool

A hall for parties

Hotel & Lodging and Boarding

A lobby for sitting and Lunch.

A Disco Tec with attached pub.

To make the resort a dream vacation which gives little retreats to our eyes.

A small bird sanctuary or animal section for Time pass.

A flowers garden or Butterfly park for nature enthusiasts.

A tot-lot for playing little kids.

A small pond with aquatic animals such as Dolphins, Swans etc.

A sand park that has play tools for children.

A place hosting a rural look with grass and huts and ethnic pots.

A resort can also be equipped with a spa where women can get refreshed and relaxed.

As a special feature it can also present a Horror-Show room with skulls and Skeletons to scare the Adults just for fun.

The garden can be decorated with sculptural architectural beauty.

It can also embrace the customers with Golf Court. Special Holiday packages are offered for families and newly wed couples.

Special benefits can be offered to those who apply for membership.

Imagiantive layout for a resort


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