Philosophy final project

#1 the directions of the final papaer


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Philosophy final project
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Your final paper will consist of a research project of your choice concerning the topic of ethics in leadership. You will find suggestions for paper topics below and in the assignment drop box, but you are not bound by the suggestions given. You will have considerable latitude in your choice of a topic, but as examples you may:

a) Write a paper outlining the ramifications for questions of leadership of some particular thinker, and comparing that thinker’s position to one or more of the theories put forward in the class. b) Write a paper on a specific problem of ethical leadership, such as environmental issues, shareholder or stakeholder responsibility, regulatory relationships or sexual harassment or discrimination. c) Write a paper on the problems of ethical leadership in some particular field, such as education, politics, the military, religion, or the sciences.


Your final paper will be an extensive research project on an ethical topic in the domain of leadership. There are two options for the final paper. This research paper allows you to explore more deeply some of the issues encountered during the semester.

Final Submission Guidelines This is your finished and polished end product, a kind of consummation of the course. It should:

  • demonstrate that you have addressed any issues or comments received previously from me on your prospectus
  • include citations, formatted in either MLA or APA
  • be approximately 1800-2400 words in length and includes a[n]:

1. Title Page with your name and course information. 2. Abstract of 100 – 150 words that explains your topic and main points. 3. Introduction that includes your thesis. 4. Clear description of the ethical issues that you are discussing. 5. Critical discussion of how the issues have been treated by the literature (your secondary sources. 6. Critical discussion of ethical theories that might have been used in handling the issue. 7. Discussion of the pros and cons of the way it has been treated. 8. Discussion of the relevant implications of your conclusion or findings in terms of the ethical issue in question, as well as the thinkers, theories, or positions your paper engages with. 9. Conclusion 10. A Works Cited Page (remember, you must use at least 3 PRINT sources). 11. Clean, proofread, college-level prose, with few surface-level errors.

#2 the feedback of the final paper proposal

Before I begin to speak on the content of your proposal. It is clear that you did not read the directions in great depth. Maybe of your sources and references are websites and dictionary entries, when it needed to be PRINTED/HARD sources and not something you got from a website or news articles. This was the biggest issue and the task of a research paper. In terms of your content there is no clear thesis statement here. you mention a potential issue but you don’t really establish what the conflict exactly there is. What is the tension? What type of conflicting interests? The topic is fine but it seems like you really haven’t thought through the particularities of the issue or found suitable literature for it. The project you proposed below is extremely large and it is definitely not clear how your going to go about to demonstrate the issues that you have brought up. You also do not have an literature review or a proper bibliography. You have not followed the directions for this assignment and therefore I cannot give you a passing grade for this. Please let me know if you have any question. The first thing is to think through a concrete problem within the topics you discussed and then find real research materials not news blogs and company websites. You will need to make a trip to the library and do some round research, there are a lot of sources you can find on this issues. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

the proposal was attached in the following file. You need to directly make some changes in the final paper based on the feedback of proposal.

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