Philosophy essay

Use standard citation guidelines (MLA, APA, or Chicago) for all entries

Identify and present the main conclusions of both arguments [10 pts.]

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Philosophy essay
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Identify and present the basic premises of both arguments [20 pts.] • Make sure to include any important implicit premises

Present the reasoning to the main conclusion neatly in standard form and in such a way as to make manifest the relationship between premises and conclusions. [20 pts.]

• The arguments will be inductive (the conclusion will follow from the premises with a certain level of probability) but it may take the form of a kind of sentential or categorical argument you’re familiar with. Consider, also, the use of any technical terms and make sure to de<ine them in the arguments if relevant.

The essay is 2+ pages (500+ words) 

Present a clear, explicit, easy-to-spot thesis expressing your informed decision on the topic based on the evidence-at-hand 

Your body paragraphs each present a clear and distinct reason from which you arrived at your decision (one reason per paragraph; use topic sentences) 

Brie<ly consider an objection to your argument, one an informed person might make [keep in mind the principles of charity and faithfulness (pp. 83-4)] 

Your conclusion is merely a recapitulation of your thesis and the reasons for your thesis (do not include any new information in favor of your thesis) 

Here are the topics:

• Is abortion immoral?• Is it right to prohibit same-sex marriage?• Should human cloning be banned?• Is genetic modi<ication of human beings acceptable? • Should drugs be legalized?• Is gambling immoral?• Is af<irmative action fair?• Should licensing for handguns be more restrictive? • Should the death penalty be abolished?• Is torture ever justi<ied?• Is war ever justi<ied?• Is physician-assisted suicide wrong?• Does morality require vegetarianism?• Is a college education useful?• Should we open our country’s borders? 

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