Persuasive Speech on Death Penalty

Organizations such as the International Commission against the Death Penalty are working towards changing people’s attitudes, getting the public’s support so that together, they can influence, and possibly change the laws regarding the death penalty.

For the death penalty policy to come to an end people have to change their attitudes. change starts with the people. The government will only take this seriously if its people show concern. The death punishment should be abolished because demeans the quality of human life, it costs the country a lot of money, it results to the death of innocents, and because life without parole is a sensible alternative.

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Persuasive Speech on Death Penalty
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Personally, I am against the death penalty. people, let us join hands in this human rights cause of abolishing capital punishment, and let us change public attitudes towards this inhumane injustice that befalls the American people.

In the future, it could be you, your friend, you family that is wrongly convicted for murder. how do you choose to remember this day? Will it be the day that you championed for the death penalty, or the day that you voted against it? Make the right choice by move for the abolishment of the death penalty law.

What if one of your family members was wrongly convicted for murder? What if you were put on death row because you happened to be the last person seen leaving a crime scene where a bomb blew up and killed people? It is questions like these that raise public concern. people are more apathetic in cases where this form of injustice does not affect them, however, when a case of this nature becomes more personal, people are empathetic. Why should we be so selfish as to see what others suffer?

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