Personality development.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic eriksons stages of personality development. The first stage of Erickson development stages is trust versus mistrust. This stage starts from the moment a child has been born up to eighteen months of age. During this stage, the child is considered to be at its most vulnerable moments. In addition, the child is also dependent wholly on whoever it is that is to provide him or her with all the things he or she needs in order to sustain himself throughout this first stage period. The provider of the basic necessity is also going to be who the child is going to adapt to as long as the provider keep on providing for the child. When the provider no longer provides the needs of the child, the child will start mistrusting the provider since the child can no longer trust the provider to provide for his or her basic needs. An example of a book that coincides with this stage of human development is the happy book: touch and feel fun for every little one written by Diane Muldrow. This book consist of texts that are rhyming and illustrations that are colorful that includes pages with a touch and feel textures, glow in the dark surprise, lift the flap messages and scratch and sniff scents. The book is specifically designed to lift the feelings of the child up.

The second stage of development according to Erickson consists of autonomy versus shame and doubt. This stage starts from the toddler’s age of eighteen months up to three years of age. At this stage, the child begins demanding his independence. During his stage, the child starts doing things the way.

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