Personal statement for college admissions.

Making decisions on such important issues as course selection and efficient use of time has been done with assistance from college advisers, at a distance from cues and support systems from my family. While being at Temple University has developed in me a greater sense of my abilities and myself socially and academically, I feel that a change is needed to bring me closer to home. I believe that this distance from home may have contributed to failing my classes at Temple University, despite having good high school grades with a GPA of 3.6 and a SAT score of 1930.

My first semester was not satisfactory and, during spring break, I took time to re-evaluate what went wrong during the semester. Family and peers play a critical role in the learning and development of the individual. The friends I grew up with in high school were creative, bright, and competitive, which made for interesting and spontaneous opinions and discussions on almost every topic. At Temple University, the seminar formats and small class size have presented me with a wonderful setting in which to learn. The professors, who are highly motivated, have encouraged participation, and this has been one of my highlights at the university. However, I have found the student interaction level to be unsatisfactory, especially with regard to limited classroom topics, which has left me feeling insufficiently challenged by my peers. Indeed, at this moment, I feel that I chose to enter Temple University for the wrong reason because I followed my best friend who also joined the university. However, after he left to move back home after only one month, I felt that I had made a mistake in enrolling at Temple University. In my first semester at the university, I have come to the realization that family and community play a pivotal role in growth, learning, and development. It is for this reason that I would like to move to a university that is closer to home and my family.

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