Personal Philosophy of Life Based on Plato’s Apology. 

Talking about true wisdom as the final destination to reach, what is actually true wisdom? For me, I believe that true wisdom is the ultimate knowledge that stays in perfect balance with the basic moral principle. Knowledge without morality is not wisdom, just cold ignorance. Is a man who knows how to destroy the world-wise? He is, only if he chooses not to use that knowledge. Morality without knowledge is not wise either but blind foolishness. In war or in the wilderness, is a man who doesn’t want to kill wise? Unless he knows how to survive without killing, he is a dead man, not a wise one.

My ideal true wisdom might seem to be a distant destination that can never be attainable. However, to a lesser degree, true wisdom is achievable in daily life. The first main point of wisdom is a balance. Thus, as long as the knowledge that we acquire and apply lies in harmony with the moral principle we value, we attain the lesser true wisdom… for the time being. The next main point is progress. Once we stop trying to reach the ultimate true wisdom, the lesser wisdom we have will quickly fade away. To keep in direct contact with true wisdom, we need to gain more and more knowledge while basic moral values take the role as the safety measurement

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Personal Philosophy of Life Based on Plato’s Apology. 
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Putting it in a more systematical order, here are some steps we need to do to keep the wisdom within our grasp. First, we need to honestly realize what we don’t know. After that, we should allow our minds to open to new ideas. Then, filtering these ideas using logic and moral principle should be our immediate task. Any idea which is not in harmony with the moral values we believe in should be stored away or even discarded from our mind. Finally, we need to put the acceptable knowledge into practice. If this new knowledge works well without significant ethical conflict, we should apply it either for personal gain or society’s benefit. Well, the path of wisdom does not end here though. We need to keep repeating the sequence back from the beginning because wisdom is a lifetime work process.&nbsp.

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