Personal Perspective MBA 

Write a 2 pages paper on personal perspective paper. Personal Perspective MBA is indeed the success criteria for any individual who wants to make it big in the business world. For that to happen, it is significant to know that hard work and commitment are the cornerstones and the keys towards achieving that. Having said that, once a person has side tracked his education over a period of time, it is pretty difficult to get back on track and start all over again to gain something new. However perseverance and dedication are the keys to achieving what this person has ever dreamt about.

At the present, I work for a small organization which does not pay me enough at the end of the day to make me feel contented. Being a female and the first born, I have understood the different responsibilities that life brings with itself. If I am given a chance to study in the business school and do my MBA, I would be better able to understand the world markets as I already have an idea about the mannerisms in which the different markets already exist within and the methodologies they have adopted towards the foreign traders, marketers and the like. The undergraduate degree in management that I have attained is something that I can look up to when I pursue my MBA degree program. This MBA would eventually make me stand in a league of professionals who are on the go and want to achieve more and more out of life. I will get a better paying job and the ease of mind that I have so much wished and yearned for, with the passage of time. All said and done, I wish to see myself getting established in a financial institution and see progress happening for me left, right and center. I want to make money, more and more of it, so that I could make my career strong and a better living is bestowed upon me nonetheless. Thus I decided to pursue my MBA because I felt I was lagging behind in life and I needed to do much more than I had already done. I needed to understand myself a whole lot more and for that, I must study further and an MBA is the key to know more about things, more about the world in general. A better and more comforting life is what I dream of, in the long run and for it to happen. it is pertinent to attain the education that I am longing to have.

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Having said all that and after the details that I have given about myself and my personality, I would request the said authorities to consider me for admission to the business school so that it could polish my personality as well as fulfill my dream to gain more and more about the big world of corporate giants and all that comes along with that. I would be really grateful if I am considered worthy enough to be granted admission.

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