Personal Development and Ethics

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Personal Development and Ethics. Within the confines of engineering, the tasks are extremely challenging, a good number of individuals keep on trying their luck and follow their passion in the field. Areas that are concerned with research, design, operations and manufacture have posed the greatest challenge in the world of engineering.

Young (2003, pp.11) indicates that students in engineering are at times motivated by the fact that, they have to meet deadlines as well as to attain sensible outputs in the course of study. Analysts continue to argue that, the demand for more and more engineers keep escalating with time, an interpretation of the seriousness and demand for experts in the field. In fact, Young (2003, pp.51) argues that the rates of unemployment in engineering related jobs are very minimal. The demand for experts in engineering has over the years recorded an escalating trend. It would be an understatement to argue that, one sector of engineering has had enough of its employees. In this context, engineering courses will almost face the challenge of motivating students to complete their courses at the end.

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Personal Development and Ethics
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My decision to enroll in engineering courses is driven by an innate desire to be part of the many numbers that pursue the course of their ambitions. I have always been of the opinion that engineering not only offers instant job opportunities but also allows individuals to enjoy flexibility, an important aspect that places individuals in the hastily changing field of engineering.

I was also motivated by the fact that engineering has a wide range of career opportunities to select from. This is also aggravated by the actuality that the demand for engineers in the country keeps on recoding tides. According to Davis, Gibbin and National Academy of Engineering (2002, pp.29), engineering keeps offering new job opportunities for their expertise. Engineering courses can be showcased by giving a general view of the careers that engineering offers.&nbsp.

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