Performance management framework of limo services in austin, tx company.

 performance management framework of limo services in austin, tx company. Performance Management Framework for Limo Services In Austin, TX Company Alignment of the Performance Management Framework to the Organizational Business Strategy

Organizational business strategy of Limo Services, TX Company is to become the leader in the limo transport industry. The company also envisions maximizing trip experiences of the clients who get treatment to clean, safe, polite, courteous and punctual limo transport services. The company also requires its drivers to do everything even out of their normal duties to give clients the best travel experience in Austin and Texas (Limos of Austin, 2012). To ensure effectiveness of the business strategy, the performance management framework contains detailed procedures for employee assessment and analysis during recruitment, orientation, training and education of employees, comprehensive methods of measuring performances of employees and effective process of communication performance feedback to employees to ensure that everyone has knowledge about achievements and remaining areas of improvements in the business strategy.

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Performance management framework of limo services in austin, tx company.
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Organizational Performance Philosophy

The organization performance philosophy of Limo Services in Austin, TX Company is to provide highest level, clean, polite, courteous, safe, fun, memorable and punctual limousine services to the clients from any locations they desire (Limos of Austin, 2012)

Methods used for measuring the employees skills

Measuring employees’ skills is one way of understanding the potential of the one to support efforts to achieve mission and objective of an organization. One method that Limo Services in Austin, TX Company uses to measure employee skills is surveying of clients about their experiences with customer service. The survey includes asking clients to rate the quality of customer service offered by employees of the organization. Another method used to measure employee skills is the enactment of random quality control procedure. With this method, employees do not know the exact time for evaluation and checks. The method proves good for its makes serious employees work to optimize performance in different corners of the organization. The company also considers appraisal of employees in all aspects of organizational structure to determine individual, team and group achievements in accomplishing particular responsibilities.

Process for Addressing Skill Gaps

Skill gaps are not very embarrassing aspects of organization structure especially when considering the rapidly changing business environments. Technology and expectations in the business environment are rapidly changing, and sometimes it become challenging to adapt to the changes immediately. In that line, Limo Services in Austin, TX Company has structured its performance management framework to ensure proper and regular training of the employees. The included regular training and education in its performance management framework to ensure capture of clients’ attention by making them view the company as offering current and modernized services (Limo of Austin, 2012). In the performance management framework, the company proposes to hire experts of globalization to educate employees about the changes in styles of handling people of diverse backgrounds. The training also informs employees about the changing trend of quality expectation by customers and the nature of competition currently characterizing the industry.

Approach for Delivering Effective Performance Feedback

Giving performance feedback to employees is a crucial aspect of quality improvement of the operations of an organization. Informing employees about the achievements, helps communicate areas of weakness and inefficiency to correct, and strengths to improve. Limousine Services in Austin, TX Company conducts performance appraisal of the employees and gives results in printed-paper. The results rate in terms of percentage the scores on every aspect of organizational culture that include discipline, innovativeness, problem solving skills, punctuality and creativity among others. At the end are recommendations regarding ways to improve on the areas performed poorly and ways to sustain areas of good performance.

The company also recognizes the power of incentives, promotion, leaves, rewards and bonuses as effective performance feedback. In the performance management framework, the company proposes giving of incentives, rewards and bonuses to employees with respect to the efforts demonstrated by each in effecting desired change in the organization. Highly performing employees receive more incentives, bonuses and rewards as low performers receive small incentives, bonuses and rewards (Limos of Austin, 2012). The delivery of the performance feedback is an open process and involves all employees. Openness of the practice is to ensure that every employee understands the criteria and knows performance of the others so that they can either emulate, desire to do better or refrain from acts that characterize low performers.


Limos of Austin. (2012). Limos of Austin – Austins Premier Limousine Service. Retrieved March 29, 2014 from: http://www.limosofaustin.

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