Perception and Conflict

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 Perception and Conflict

 Conflict is viewed in organizational set ups as process creating progress possible for the organization. Through the undeniable implications of human empowerment when being involved in healthy conflicts, the growth of the organizations is ensured. Thus through this particular explanation, it could be noted that conflict is viewed as balancing agent that sets the differences of individuals around the world in an equal manner. To be able to understand this, it has been more clarified by philosophers of human communication that conflict is a mere mediation that sets the different vectors of power in a modulated manner that they are primarily applied to support the differences of each individual living within the human communities around the world.

 Perception and Conflict
Conflict management

Making use of conflict as an agent of equalizing the differences, business organizations are sure to gain strength from the said idealism. As mentioned earlier, competition among organizational members is one particular form of conflict. However, instead of seeing it as a major source of conflict of differences in the organization, it could be used as the key matter that could motivate people in achieving higher than what the others is able to achieve.

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 Perception and Conflict
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In this track, the conflict of competition is already viewed as something that is healthy for the organizations’ sake. However on the part of Reno and Frank, the conflict growing between them involves more than just competition. It involves the wrong perception towards the need to communicate to each other and the difference of their belief towards the need to work with the problem that they are facing.

 Perception and Conflict
The Subjective Perceptions of Parties in Conflict

Yes, in this regard, dealing with the situation usually involves more than just making amends between the two different ongoing opinions between two different individuals or groups at that, who are thriving within a certain single organization. The conflicts between people and how each undeniable misunderstanding occurs are based in a process of conversing, interpreting and wrong response. To understand further, here are some of the communication problems that occur which usually turns into different levels of relationship conflicts:



This is the way by which a person intends to manipulate the thinking of the other person through questioning the attitudes of the other. Not only that, the situation usually aggravates the questioning of the attitude of the other towards the other person. Robert Bolton comments on the matter saying: “Many of us feel we need to be critical, or other people will never improve we make a negative evaluation of the other person, for his or her actions, or attitudes.” (1999)

The attitude of man to even aggravate the situation being faced by the other because of some emotional attachment to the issue makes this particular roadblock an effective way of stopping or heating up a particular conversation.

 Perception and Conflict
 Perception and Conflict


At some point, when people argue over something, they become too much sensitive with how the other reacts upon a certain situation or how a person intends to talk back to them. The sensitiveness results to diagnosis of the reaction of the other and the way of speech that he or she uses within the conversation. Instead of simply listening to what the person says, reading between the lines becomes another way of decoding the bodily message of the person who is speaking.

These roadblocks to effective conversation certainly make it harder for people to resolve the problems that they are dealing with. Learning all these particular truths about conversation’s basics, points out to the importance of the one particular element of effective element of communication that is listening. Through understanding these elements of misunderstanding, it could be observed that conflicts usually occur in the different level of psychological power that one has over the other.

Considering the case of Frank and Reno, these particular perceptions towards each other could be used as the basic understanding of the case that they are involved with. Basically, through getting a careful understanding of the situation and opening the lines of communication between the two individuals involved, the conflicts they are involved with could be solved carefully and successfully for the betterment of each other’s relationship at work and even in personal basis.


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