Peoples Impressions of Owners of Pets.

Write 6 pages with APA style on Peoples Impressions of Owners of Pets. The average of the scores for each inventory item was drawn using MS Excel for each of the four owners. Results were interpreted by comparing the average scores for each inventory item among the four owners and conclusions were accordingly drawn.

This experiment was carried out to investigate the impressions people generally have of the owners of different pets. Pet ownership is a common human behavior. The Darwinian perspective calls pet ownership a puzzling behavior as the owner receives no apparent benefit from the pet by providing for it given the pet belongs to another species (Archer, 1997). Cats and dogs are very popular pets in the western world because they can run around freely in the owners’ space and the owners can interact with them more closely compared to other pets. A small number of studies have systematically explored the relationship between owners and pets in terms of attachment that as a concept is generally used for members of the same species (Bowlby, 1969. Ainsworth, 1989). Katcher et al. (1983) studied owners’ positive attachment with their pet dogs using a 10-item questionnaire instrument that comprised statements like carrying a photograph of the pet dog, allowing it to sleep on the bed, the interaction between the owner and the dog, and the owner’s act of referring to the dog as a family member. Administration of the scale to 80 veterinary clinic clients and calculation of the frequency data for the items showed that the owners had a high attachment with their pet dogs. Largo et al. (1988) conducted factor analysis using a ‘pet relationship scale’ which was based, in part, on the attachment indicating features. The researchers identified the main factor consisting of the items showing affectionate companionship. The kinds of pets people keep indicate their personality choices and nature. The literature review suggests that this topic has not been researched much. While there is some research over the ownership of pet dogs and pet cats, there is very little research on the ownership of pet exotic fish and pet pythons.

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