Peer Assessment Questionnaire / Slide Presentation Initial Draft / Mod 2 / RWS 305W-37 S2 2020

Peer Assessment Questionnaire / Slide Presentation Initial Draft / Mod 2 / RWS 305W-37 S2 2020

Introductory Note: Though we should anticipate that many class members will produce drafts of slides that cover Section 1 (Presentation Introduction and Purpose) and Section 2 (Investigating the Rhetorical Situation and Strategies in a Text for a Non-Expert Audience), it is likely that class members may include drafts of slides for other Sections.

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Peer Assessment Questionnaire / Slide Presentation Initial Draft / Mod 2 / RWS 305W-37 S2 2020
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Consequently, I am going to provide a list of questions that allow for open-ended responses. Please select 6 of the following 8 questions and respond to them in relation to your peer’s initial draft.

I would recommend that before selecting 6 questions, please take about 5 minutes to “view” your group member’s work. After doing this, it may become apparent that some questions would be more appropriate than others to respond to.

1. What do you appreciate about your peer’s draft Slide Presentation? And, why do you appreciate these specific features?

2. Viewers of the Slide Presentation may not be familiar with the Module 2 Presentation assignment. What gives you the impression that your peer is presenting information in a way that would be understandable to non-experts (or people who are unfamiliar with the issue)?

3. Each slide is expected to accomplish a certain goal or present a specific piece of information about the expert or non-expert audience text. What gives you the impression that each slide contains sufficient information to identify the focus/topic of the slide?

4. For the slides that have been drafted, what gives you the impression that they are easy to read? Or conversely, if there features of one or more slides that may make it challenging to read/view information presented on them, please identify those features here. Consider commenting on font style, font size, font color, font-background contrast, and/or amount of text per slide.

5. What gives you the impression that viewers will find the Slide Presentation visually appealing and engaging? Conversely, if it has been challenging for you to engage with the initial draft’s visual features, please offer your peer two recommendations for enhancing the presentation’s visual appeal.

6. At this point, would you be more inclined to describe information presented in the initial draft as “well-organized,” “usually easy to follow,” or “presenting challenges”? Please take two sentences to explain your characterization of how information is arranged in your peer’s draft.

7. 0ne of the benefits of peer review is being able to learn more about how other class members who have the same assignment as you have attempted to accomplish their task. So, what are two aspects of your peer’s presentation that you would consider integrating into your own Slide Presentation between now and the final draft? Please briefly explain why you might incorporate these two features into your own work.

8. When you peer receives your commentary, they will have approximately 4-6 days to revise their initial draft. From your view, what are two features of their slide-based analysis of two texts’ rhetorical situations and strategies that need additional attention or development? Briefly explain why you selected these two features.

Once you finish, please

1. Email your set of responses to your peer.

2. Submit through Blackboard your set of responses. The submission portal can be located under Module 2 Texts & Assignments and is called “Peer Review — Initial Draft – Module 2”

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