Patient safety improvement.

Then the surgeon, anesthetist, and nurse verbally confirm the patient identity, surgical site and procedure. They then check on any anticipated critical events, any essential imaging and any antibiotic administration in the last one hour. Before ht patient leaves the operation room the nurse verbally confirms with the team the name of the procedure recorded, that all instruments used are present, any equipment problems, then the surgeon, anesthetist and nurse review recovery and management of the patient.

This arrangement is similar to what happens shortly before a flight. The cabin crew identifies themselves by name and role in the flight. They identify the route to which they are going. They then give a brief to the passengers about the plane and what to do and what not to do in case of an emergency. They identify the person to whom the passenger is to contact incase of an emergency. The passengers are notified on every issue this is important as relates to that flight. At the end of the flight all of the crew confirm that all passengers that boarded the flight arrived and safely. In case of any problem, they notify the relevant authority. The initial move of identification is similar to what happens in the surgical room. The surgeon and his crew each identify themselves and their roles so that in the event of an emergency there is no confusion as to who is to do what and when. All the briefing given to the passengers is similar to the information the surgeon and his team give. The arrival to the destination and confirmation of the presence of all passengers safely is also similar to what the surgeon, nurse, and anesthetist do when ensuring that they have identified the patient well and all equipment used is present.

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This kind of approach minimizes mistakes in the surgical room. Everyone does his or her role when the need arises and there are calmness and control of the situation throughout. The patient is better in the hands of a well-organized team under the leadership of the surgeon. Any emergency is handled well as arrangements for e.g. blood in case of excessive bleeding are already met. This approach encourages teamwork and effective planning and management of situations. The patient’s outcome in most instances is good and when compared to a situation this form of organization lacks, them the outcomes are not as good.

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