Parable of the Madman by Nietzsche.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Parable of the Madman by Nietzsche. The passage notes that during that time many of the people who were non-believers in God were out and about, in an atmosphere of being sure of their grip on reality. It was the madman who seemed doubly mad, one for carrying on like he needed the lantern while the sun was out, and second for looking for God, who for the non-believers did not exist. This was the double madness of the madman. The madman cried out specifically that he was seeking God. To mock him for his seeming folly, the non-believers shouted at him, asking whether God was hiding, afraid of the crowds, afraid of rationality. We understand that the context of this mocking by the crowd of the manner and actions of the madman was that they had replaced a belief or a faith in God with a faith in humanity’s own powers to comprehend reality without God. There was the sun, visible to the eye, to be felt and perceived empirically by those two senses of sight and touch. There was the brightness, and man’s reason seemingly enabling him to flourish in the market, with his buying and selling to procure his needs and those of his family. The non-believers from the onset seemed to have no need for any God, and it was the madman who seemed indeed out of place and acting out his appropriate role of being out of touch with the outward reality of the senses. Nietzsche here is saying that God cannot be found, because in essence the lack of belief among men in God, replaced as he had been by a different kind of faith in a different kind of human certainty removed from God by that point. Humanity had killed God in essence by taking him out of the equation of human life, by making him irrelevant and no longer needed (Nietzsche. Cavalier. Jackson).

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